project beautiful tyrol

We want Tyrol to continue to be a beautiful, clean and sustainable state. That's why there are a few self-initiatives here to protect our environment.

Separate waste

That should be known to everyone, but still many people are not so sure. For most trash cans, e.g. at lantern masts, the garbage is not specifically separated, but burned!


Avoid trash

Here would be a good and simple idea, to ask the coffee seller that he can fill in the coffee in your own cup instead of the one-way cups (in Innsbruck alone every day so many cups are thrown away, that you could build the Patscher Kofel from it and they are not recyclable).

You could also take your own drinking bottle with water to work, or use the reusable cloth bags instead a plastic bag.


Feed locally

Pay attention to where the meat comes from. Although organic products cost more, they are better in terms of quality and, above all, better for the environment, as long transport distances are saved.


Renounce the car

In Tyrol, we have a very good infrastructure, as it is worth to use the public transport. Even a bicycle is an alternative to the car, of course, on foot as well. And when you use the car, it's more sustainable when more people are in the car. Car sharing or carpooling is one possible solution.


Recycling & buy second hand products

There are now many courses, e.g how you can make bags out of trash.  

If you want to buy for example a new speaker, it is worth to think about to buy it second hand.

There are also many portals where you can buy or sell used items. 


Don't smoke

Smoking is not healthy for humans and nature. The toxic gases harm both and the cigarette butts on the ground are also pollution.

Do you have any other ideas for easy self-initiatives?

Then you can write us on the 'contact' page a message with the subject 'project beautiful tyrol'!

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